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New York, États-Unis

10/11/2016 - 17/11/2016

Documentary storytelling is flourishing like never before – encompassing reportage, memoir, history, humor and more. DOC NYC celebrates this cultural phenomenon and encourages its new directions.
Among its missions, DOC NYC aims to:

CURATE: guide audiences toward inspiring work.
CROSS FERTILIZE: gather practitioners of many fields – filmmakers, writers, photographers and other storytellers to inspire each other.
CROSS GENERATIONS: use the festival’s partnership with School of Visual Arts as a means for younger and older voices to communicate.
CULTIVATE NEW AUDIENCES: attract newcomers with the excitement of a festival atmosphere.
EXPAND DISTRIBUTION: help documentary storytellers make the most of emerging technologies such as video downloads, podcasts and electronic readers.
CREATE SOCIAL SPACE: bring people together in theaters, lounges, and discussion spaces in Greenwich Village and Chelsea.
MAKE THE MOST OF NYC: foster fresh connections between residents and expose visitors to the opportunities that happen only in New York.

174 West 4th St. Suite 180 New York, NY 10014

Date limite d’inscription des films : 3 Juin 2016