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Nová šichta
A New Shift
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Jindřich Andrš


Tomáš Frkal


Šimon Herrmann


Lukáš Janičík


Eliška Cílková


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ISAN : non renseigné - en savoir plus

La mine de charbon va fermer. L'histoire d'un mineur qui choisit de sortir des profondeurs et de devenir programmeur informatique. En décidant de changer sa vie, son travail, il ne savait pas à quel point il allait devoir changer lui-même.

"Tomaš est un ouvrier de 44 ans qui travaille dans une mine de charbon en Silésie. Quand celle-ci ferme, il doit chercher un nouveau travail et choisit de se former dans une nouvelle voie, comme programmateur informatique, dans le cadre du programme “Nouvelle rotation” subventionné par le gouvernement. Il se lance dans cette nouvelle entreprise avec enthousiasme : il coupe ses cheveux longs, emménage dans un nouvel appartement et se trouve une petite amie grâce à un site de rencontres en ligne. [...]"
(Vladan Petkovic - Cineuropa)

The coal mine is closing. The story of a miner, who choses to break out of the depths and become a computer programmer. He changed his life, his job, little did he know how much he would have to change himself.

"For Tomáš the mine is the centre of his life, along with soccer, his kids and the cosy after-work beer. The 44-year-old has worked as a miner for 21 years, until the mine was closed down for economic reasons. Tomáš then re-trains as a coder in the appropriately named educational programme “New Shift”. What he doesn’t know yet is that his new skills alone won’t get him out of the crisis. A film about a tug-of-war with fate and the employment market.
In the constant ups and downs of looking for a job Tomáš shows impressive stamina, despite critical voices around him. His hopeful attitude repeatedly gets him in the local news as a positive example of successful reintegration – long before success is even remotely on the horizon. Jindřich Andrš’ first feature-length film is an equally quiet and thrilling observation. He gently follows his loveable protagonist and manages to present the tricky job situation with dignity and empathy. What emerges clearly is that unemployment and lack of jobs have long ceased to be phenomena that only occur on the fringes of our societies. They are part of a normality that the majority of people must cope with."
(Kim Busch - DOK Leipzig)