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City of Dreams
Internal Combustion
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Le réalisateur Steve Faigenbaum revient à Détroit après 25 ans d’absence. À travers une enquête personnelle, il nous dévoile les racines de la plus grosse faillite d’une cité américaine. Une histoire qui nous rappelle que nos villes ne sont pas immortelles…

I’ve lived in Paris for the past 15 years. Europe is now my point of reference. Returning after so many years to Detroit permitted me to see it with fresh eyes. Experience and geography have reframed my point-of-view. What I once considered normal in Detroit, I now find exotic. Still, I know the city intimately. The contemporary view of Detroit is that it is the victim of the economic downturn in the automobile industry aided by globalization. While Detroit has certainly been affected by the current crisis, the roots of the city’s death lie much deeper. Economic development has trumped all other human concerns. The values that have created Detroit have also exhausted it. Thinking about those values I’ve reflected on my family’s journey over the generations. Both grandfathers were uneducated factory workers. My father became a professional. His sister became a housewife. His brother, my uncle, became a criminal. Along the way we were haunted by mental illness and suicide. Just what were the values we embraced as we became Americans and what was their cost? My story is both unique and ordinary. I realize I too was the perfect Detroiter. I was born into the boom and I left the area at 26. Social and personal conflict was ever-present in my life. Unable to see a way out I did what any American would do. I left. Going back now I realize that I was not the only one. Just how is it that a city and its culture can be thrown away and nobody seems to care? The emotional heart of the film is the discovery that Detroit’s history, American history and personal history are linked. It is now hard for me to blindly accept the optimism of the city’s motto, that Detroit will rise from the ashes. I want to know how we burned

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  • Le 9 Juillet 2014